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Welcome! I'm a Kansas City-based photographer and car enthusiast who provides content creation and marketing services for businesses across the US. I've been fully self-employed since 2017 and many of my clients are long-term and ongoing. I currently manage more than 60k total Facebook followers and more than 28k total Instagram followers, across the various accounts that I am responsible for. Learn more

​@stephencookmedia social feed (click on a photo to enlarge)

My services

Photography &

content creation

I am an experienced photographer driven by attention to detail. Excellent marketing begins with excellent content. View examples of my work here.

Social media


Now more than ever, businesses need to have an active online presence. I work with clients across the US to provide effective remote social media management.

Car dealership marketing services

One of my specialties is helping car dealerships digitally market their vehicles through high-quality inventory photography, social media & content creation.

I offer my services to car dealerships, auto museums, detail shops, automotive aftermarket parts companies, automotive tuners/performance shops, coffee shops, restaurants and more. I currently work with clients in the following metro areas: Kansas City, Chicago and Des Moines (and soon to be more).

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